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Hi everyone, Douglas Robertson here.

I really was joking last month with the comment about the rain changing to snow but did you see/hear what Fort Nelson BC got, 12 inches of SNOW!! around the 19th of August!

Our family did make it to Slave lake for 4 days, had a great time with the family, did some boating, fishing, played games, cards, ate too much, drank a little (maybe the other way around) and caught some fish, they were great!

You know we have such a great country here in Alberta, we really do have the “Alberta advantage”, for the most part we enjoy moderate weather, opportunities for employment, a variety of investments vehicles available, reasonable housing pricing and A PIPE LINE UNDERWAY(?). When I talk to others about how things are going you always get the mix of optimist and pessimist, you know the type, some see the glass as always half empty while other will always see a glass half full, (either way it needs more wine) It’s just a different mindset.

I recently read a couple of books on Mindset, one is “Mindset” by Carol Dweck and the other is “How to Own Your Own Mind” by Napoleon Hill, not quite done this one yet.

One thing that stands out to me is the need for many of us to rewrite the stories we have in our heads. Stories that have been there since we were kids, told to us in school, we listened to our family members, and just all the naysayers we may associate with. They will tell you that “only the rich can afford stuff like that”, “that you have to work hard, save your money”(yeh then after 40 years you can retire and try to survive on a meagre pension), “you can’t do that”, “Really, your going to invest in Real Estate!”.

 LISTEN, there is NO reason we cannot write a new story for ourselves, we need to change our paradigm, make a plan, take action, own your shortcomings, team up with a mentor, Hit the reset button on life, partner up with someone who has the attributes you are looking for. We all have skills at something, find someone who has skills you are needing, then team up. Become ACCOUNTABLE to yourself .

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Coming Through!

Two fish are in a tank. One says to the other,
“Do you know how to drive this thing?”


Your Work E-mail is What?

• I’m employed at a computer security company and have a colleague whose name is M. Alware. His e-mail address is malware@company.com.

• My ex-boss’s name is R. Stone. His e-mail was stoner@company.co.in.

• My name is James Pan. Every other permutation of my name was taken
(e.g., jpan, jamesp), so I’m stuck with japan@university.edu.


Thirsty Vampire

Q:  Why did the vampire get fired from the blood bank?
A:  He was caught drinking on the job!

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I want to mention that I will be having my book launch this month at Pro-Biz Centre in Spruce Grove AB. I will provide more details when everything is in place so stay tuned for more exciting news.

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