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Hello everyone. Well here we are ALREADY into October, We are in Black Diamond AB. for a few days enjoying the great fall weather, yeh right, they had nearly 24 inches of snow at the end of September!!!

Before we left home we got visited by a Pileated Woodpecker, we don’t see them often but this one sure wanted in!

On Sept 25th I hosted the launch of my new book “No Sweat Real Estate Investing” with a fantastic group of friends at the ProBiz Centre in Spruce Grove. It was well received and We collected $230 for the Alberta SPCA. You will find this book to be a great started in the business of Real Estate Investing. An Easy read and enough information for you to decide if this is right for you. If you would like a copy of this book, email me and for a donation to the SPCA I will sent you a copy, (FYI most people donated $20)

On the Economic side of things Alberta has gained 70,000 people year over year which represents a 1.6% increase from previous year. Right now there are over half a million residents 65 plus in the province, this may bring challenges to some sectors but it also represents and points to a high Standard of living and advances in medical care. It also can represent an investment opportunity in areas that cater to seniors from in home health care to specialized living facilities.

Albert’s growth rate is 1.6% annualized while the national average is 1.4%, Good Sign! Overall Canada population grew by 530,00 people since July 2018.

Of interest to me is the income level reported by Stats Canada. In Alberta, of the 18 Metropolitan Communities as defined by Stats Canada, 17 out of 18 have Median income above the National average of $52,230. Wood Buffalo came in the highest at $103,310 median income per Family and Okotoks comes in second at $80,520. Alberta’s Median income is $62,950.

We are also seeing some signs of increase residential construction happening, tho still not nearly at what it was before the downturn, it can be a positive signal.

Halloween is coming up fast and as I think back to my childhood (only 50 years ago or so!) there are so many difference in how we participate in this event. We were far less concerned with safety as we generally knew ALL the families we went trick or treating to. We lived in a small community in NS and we did our share of Tricking too.

Mostly soaping windows, tipping over the occasional outhouse, maybe, not me of course, tossing the odd rotten potato or tomatoes at cars or houses. Now I fine more parents and kids are opting for community events which is great and a safe environment for everyone.

October is also the month for Thanksgiving celebrations. This is the time when families and communities get together to give blessing for the years harvest, good friends and blessings. This is a time for sharing Gratitude for our blessings be it family, personal, social or professional achievement, we can be grateful for what we have or achieved.

Lets not take for granted the great country we are fortunate enough to live in and WE have the choice of who we elect to lead the Country.


Strategic investors are buying NOW. There are Real Estate investment opportunities available to look at in Edmonton and surrounding communities.

We are very interested in your thoughts about investing in Alberta. You may be just one phone call or email away from your opportunity to create Long Term Wealth and a lasting legacy for you and your family.

Call or email for a chat to see how you can benefit from the rising opportunities in Alberta Real Estate Market.


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Whom Gave It Away? 

When my coworker answered his phone, the confused woman on the other end asked, “Who is this?”
“This is Steve. With whom did you wish to speak?”
After a pause: “Did you just say whom?”
“Yes, I did.”
The woman replied, “I have the wrong number,” and hung up. 


Radio Who? 

Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?
Radio who?
Radio not, here I come! 


Just Visiting 

My mom moved into a new condo, and I went to visit for a couple of days. 
Searching for a coffee cup one morning, I sighed, 
“It seems like I’m always looking for something in your kitchen.” 

“That’s good,” Mom said. When I looked confused, she explained, 
“Because when you know where to look, it’s time to go home.”

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If you are like most people, the idea of riding the stock market ‘roller coaster’ makes you feel a little queasy.
The highs can be a lot of fun, but the lows really give you a kickin’ (and there seem to be a lot more lows than highs for most investors). 

While real estate also follows a cycle, it tends to be a much more gradual one. Investing in revenue properties offers us limited immunity from fluctuation.   

   This means that you don’t tend to see the massive ups and downs of the stock and commodity markets. It’s a much gentler ride, and tends to provide very solid returns on investment over the long run. This is another reason I prefer real estate investing over other kinds of investments. 

About Douglas Robertson:

Douglas Robertson is a real estate investor. He’s been actively involved in the local Edmonton and area real estate investing for a number of years.  His mission is to provide quality housing for quality tenants, while at the same time providing an above average return on investment (R.O.I) for our investor partners and ourselves.  It is truly a win-win-win way of investing!

Douglas offers their investor partners hands-free investment opportunities. If you are interested to learn how to earn an above average return on your investment, backed by a solid asset, and without a hassle of being a landlord, please contact Douglas.

For more information about Douglas and his investment program, 
please call 780-220-3684. or visit http://investwithdoug.ca